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Rochester Hills Custom Jewelry - International Diamond Importers (248) 652-6040
If you are in need of Rochester Hills custom jewelry, please contact International Diamond Importers at (248) 652-6040 or click here to learn more about us. You may also Follow Us on Facebook.
Rochester Hills Custom Jewelry


Presenting a custom made piece of jewelry can be the zenith of a romantic evening or any momentous occasion, be it an engagement, anniversary, sweet 16, birth of a child, or any other reason to celebrate life and love. While you can simply go to a jewelry chain store and select a piece of jewelry they carry on standing inventory, you could instead have the item you desire custom made, and there are many reasons why this is the better choice.

1) Originality Having an entirely unique piece of jewelry certainly makes it a rare treasure. Knowing that no one else in the world has a piece just like it compounds its sentimental value beyond measure.

2) Tailor and Enhance Your Favorite Design When you choose to have a piece of jewelry custom made, you are able to have the design details align with your specifications and creative vision. You may have seen an inspiring piece elsewhere and modified it with your own design signature, or perhaps you have a completely unique design you constructed on your own. You may see a piece that needs a subtle change to meet your satisfaction, like platinum instead of gold, a larger center gem, diamonds on a band, or any other changes. When you have a piece custom made, you can have all of these specifications met.

3) Cost Advantages It is possible to have a design you found in another jewelry store, in a catalog, or online, custom made by another jewelry designer. Rather than paying retail for the original piece, you may be able to have it made at a lower price.

4) Knowledgeable Sales personnel at a local jewelry retailer are there to make a sale and may not necessarily have the intimate knowledge about the products that you would like to find in a jeweler. Personnel who are more involved in the manufacturing of the jewelry and have undergone specific training and instruction will be of better assistance. Making sure you are using a jeweler with the right kind of knowledge can help you save money and create a masterpiece.

5) Craftsmanship The art of creating jewelry is a specialized trade, and as such, you will want to choose someone who is trusted and has a reputation for delivering perfection to customers. When making a pricey investment, having peace of mind can be a valuable part of the transaction.

Taking these reasons into consideration, having a piece of jewelry custom made is an exciting and rewarding process when a reputable jeweler is your partner in creation. source:

For Rochester Hills custom jewelry, please call International Diamond Importers at (248) 652-6040 or visit our showroom!

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