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The Advantages of Buying a Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are searching for a top rated Rochester Hills Diamond Engagement Ring Store, please visit International Diamond Importers or call (248) 652-6040. Click here to see our custom designs or Follow Us on Facebook! Each naturally mined diamond has its own uniqueness. No two are alike. Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are usually formed over a period of a few weeks in a factory. Synthetic diamonds were first introduced in the 1950s, where they were initially used solely for industrial purposes. The production of the more commonly used Cubic Zirconia (CZ) diamonds began in the 1970s. We have set out some considerations to take into account regarding natural and synthetic diamonds.

The Real Deal for the One You Love

Rochester Hills Diamond Engagement Ring Store

Due to each diamond being developed deep in the earth’s crust over a period of millions of years, a naturally formed diamond that is distinguishable from any other diamond is a highly romantic gesture. Your fiancée-to-be may not appreciate receiving an engagement ring containing a center stone that was produced in a factory over a period of a few weeks. A natural diamond has undergone several stages in the manufacturing process in order to ensure that it is of the highest possible quality.

“A Diamond Is Forever”

This phrase, first introduced by De Beers diamond manufacturers in 1947, easily epitomizes some key characteristics of a real diamond as the center stone in an engagement ring. The word diamond comes from the Greek term “adámas”, meaning “unbreakable” or “unalterable”. A diamond is “forever” because it is unbreakable, which is why they have been used industrially to clean hard substances. Due to their durable qualities and small size, diamonds are often purchased as investments that can be worn over a long period of time and passed down to family members as heirlooms. If the need or desire ever arises, they can also be sold for a profit several years later. Fancy color diamonds are recommended as one of the most potentially fruitful investments. Furthermore, a diamond, the center stone in around 80% of engagement rings, signifies the eternal bond created between a man and a woman on the day she agrees to marry him. Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are far more prone to being damaged easily and their brilliance can fade over time.

Distinctive Beauty

Every natural diamond is uniquely beautiful, a contributing factor to why they are used as such personal ornaments on an engagement ring. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are far less distinguishable from one another, having been created under “perfect” conditions. New brides-to-be may not feel comfortable knowing they are wearing a ring containing a stone that is not unique and looks exactly like so many others.

The Ideal Carat Weight

Because diamonds are formed in a natural process, no two diamonds are exactly the same. The result is a vast range of diamonds to choose from, in contrast to synthetic diamonds, whereby the vast majority of stones weigh no more than 1 carat. Naturally mined diamonds are available in an infinite variety of sizes to help you pick out the perfect stone.

Get the Ideal Cut

When choosing a natural diamond, you are free to explore the large selection of cuts available. This ranges from the traditional and most popular round cut diamond to fancy cuts such as princess, cushion and radiant amongst many more. Due to the limitations of synthetic diamonds, however, there is not as much variety available. So if you don’t want to be limited in your choice of diamonds as the center stone for an engagement ring, a natural stone is the best option.

Keeping It Real

In conclusion, an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that signifies an everlasting bond between a man and the woman he has decided to marry. If your fiancée-to-be will not appreciate a diamond that has been manufactured over a period of a few weeks in a factory we advise you to purchase an engagement ring bearing a natural diamond. Authentic diamonds are also available in a variety of sizes, cuts and clarities with a natural diamond that can suit each budget.

Making Sure Your Diamond is Authentic

Synthetic diamonds are produced in order to imitate real, natural diamonds. The producers of the diamonds must be perfectly honest when they sell them. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous consumers have been known to purchase synthetic diamonds for the purpose of selling them as authentic pieces.

For an experienced and trusted Rochester Hills Diamond Engagement Ring Store, please come see International Diamond Importers or dial (248) 652-6040.



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