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8 Reasons to Buy Your Engagement Ring at a Local Jewelry Store

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Don’t buy your diamond ring online just because you can!

Many online jewelry stores have popped up offering a wide selection of engagement rings at what they call great prices. While it may seem like a great deal, there are a lot of things to consider before choosing a diamond ring.

Namely, the three things you should consider before any engagement ring purchase are...

  1. Your shopping experience

  2. The quality of the ring

  3. The value you receive

In this month’s post, we’ll outline the many ways in which buying a ring in-person is a better experience, and better value, than purchasing it online.

You Get Real Feedback

One problem we often hear about online diamond ring shopping is that the customers are not able to get feedback from anyone.

If you are an inexperienced diamond ring shopper, it’s very hard to know the different options available to you. If a store has thousands of options (as many online shops do), the vast selection will only make it harder to find the perfect ring there is no one to help you. Make sure wherever you are shopping has someone to help interpret what you are looking for and answer your questions

While big online shops will almost always win out on the sheer size of their inventory, they will never be able to match the recommendations and customer service of a local jewelry shop.

Great Jewelry Stores Have Experienced GIA Gemologists

Are you getting the information you need to make a good decision?

The Gemological Institute of America (or GIA) is a non-profit institute focused on gemology education and research. They issue a certification to gemologists who have gone through extensive full-time study and hand-on training.

Stores with GIA certified gemologists on their staff can offer an expert perspective on any questions you have. They also can help you find the perfect ring for you and your partner.

The Rings Are Consistently Higher Quality

Great diamond rings can be found both online and in stores. The difference is in the curated nature of the in-store experience.

A good quality diamond features high grades in what are called the 4 Cs of diamonds:

  • Clarity

  • Cut

  • Color

  • Carat

While some online retailers have excellent diamonds, some do not. And how will you know until it’s too late? Unlike a local store, where you’ll be able to compare diamonds, when looking at a few diamonds online it can be hard to see the difference.

A lot of diamond rings found in online stores are there because a physical store has not been able to sell them. These rings often have great specs, but are not pretty to the eye so can’t sell when customers see them in person. These stores will then sell them on an affiliated online store and take a percentage of the sale.

Resizing and Maintenance is a Breeze

When buying diamond rings, having the ability to resize or return your ring if it’s not the right fit for your partner is incredibly important. Any store selling you your rings should give you an assurance that you will be able to resize or exchange your ring.

Similarly, it's important to know you will have consistent support and maintenance for your ring. Diamond rings should be cherished. Find a dealer who will be able to clean, maintain, and repair your ring if any issues pop up.

You Know Where it Comes From

Much like you and your partner’s love, the store you buy your engagement ring from should have history and personality.

When buying from a local diamond jeweler, you will be getting a unique experience. Many stores have unique and quirky histories that will bring even more meaning to your diamond ring purchase. You’ll be one of thousands of amazing love stories the store has been a part of.

It’s Safer

As we’ve already mentioned in this article, there are plenty of quality online engagement ring dealers. Unfortunately one bad apple can ruin your engagement ring buying experience.

The internet is filled with horror stories detailing scams from online retailers who have fleeced unknowing shoppers. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Local stores will generally have high security at their stores, ensuring safety during your shopping experience. They’ll also have GIA certified gemologists to give you an appraisal and certification on any ring purchased.

You Don’t Have to Deal With Strangers

Craigslist and eBay can offer great deals on unique pieces, but is not always safe to buy from these places-- especially if you’re buying your first diamond.

Since both sites are just marketplaces for individual private sellers, the quality of the merchant (who is usually just a random person), can vary greatly.

When buying from Ebay or Craigslist..

  • You do not know who is selling you your diamond ring, leaving you susceptible to a robbery or scam.

  • You do not have anyone appraising or providing a certification, meaning you could overpay for your diamond ring.

  • Returns are riskier, as the seller may not respond when you try to return your item.

You Receive a Better Value

A diamond engagement ring is an investment. Not just in money, but also the love and commitment you and your partner share.

When finding good value for your diamond ring, don’t just think about the price of the ring you’re considering; think about the quality.

A beautiful diamond ring is more than just a collection of ratings.

When comparing two rings to one another that may even have the same carat value or color rating, is the value still there? Ask yourself:

  • Was it nicely designed?

  • Was the diamond placed properly (i.e. is the ring being shown off as it should)?

  • Was it made with high quality craftsmanship?

In store you will be able to evaluate these thing in a safe and comfortable setting.

Just because an online retailer may offer a better price on the surface, you don’t necessarily know that it’s a better deal. In addition to everything else we’ve talked about, make sure that it's actually a beautifully designed ring you are receiving.

For a experienced and trusted Rochester Hills Engagement Ring Store, come stop by International Diamond Importers or call (248) 652-6040.



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