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5 Myths About Engagement Rings You Shouldn’t Believe

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Proposing to your loved one is an enormous milestone, and so is shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Popping the question usually comes with an abundance of planning and months of searching for a ring that perfectly accentuates your bride-to-be’s style. We’re debunking 5 commonly believed myths to help you navigate the “rules of engagement”:

Myth # 1: You shouldn’t shop for a ring with your significant other. Surprise proposals can be a dream for any lady, and that usually means having no idea that a ring is even on the way. This can be a problem if you have no idea what style of ring your new bride will want to fashion for the rest of her life. You can still keep your proposal plans a surprise after shopping for the perfect ring with your significant other. It’s most important that she loves her ring! If this is out of the question for you, the next best thing is to ask her friends or family for help. Or, does she have a Pinterest account? Search through her boards to see if you can find any pins hinting towards her dream ring.

Myth # 2: The 4 C’s don’t mean anything. Cut, color, carat, and clarity are terminology that you should be getting used to. You wouldn’t buy a car based on the price tag without learning all of the details, the same idea applies to rings. The 4 C’s are at the cornerstone of finding the perfect and most beautiful ring for your money.

Myth # 3: You will walk out with a ring the day you go to the jeweler. It could take you some time to hunt down a ring you know she’ll love, but more importantly, once you have found the ring, it takes time after you order it. Expect at least 6 weeks time after finding the ring for it to come in and possibly more if you have a ring custom designed. Make sure your proposal plans fit accordingly to your timeline with this in mind.

Myth # 4: The Cut is the least important factor. Above all characteristics (even the 4 C’s), determine what shape your future bride likes in a center stone best. Shape refers to the actual geometry of the stone, rather than the angles of the cut. The shape will set the tone for every other decision like cut, size, and especially setting.

Myth # 5: Your jeweler is trying to upsell you. While your jeweler can’t always guess what style you’ll be looking for, but once you know what you and your significant other want, rest assured that your jeweler will help you find the best ring and diamond for your needs. A trustworthy jeweler will be able to find the ring that suits your future fiancé best. source:

For and experienced and trusted Troy MI Engagement Ring Store, please call International Diamond Importers at (248) 652-6040 or see our showroom!


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