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In-Store vs. Online: Benefits of Shopping at a Local, Independent Jeweler

Troy, Michigan Engagement Ring Store

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Customers often hope to discover a great online bargain when it comes time to shop. However, that “great online bargain” can easily turn into a nightmare, especially when it comes to shopping for jewelry. Consider some of the advantages of buying jewelry at a local, independent jeweler compared to online retailers.

Look and Feel

When you shop for jewelry at a local jeweler, you have the advantage of examining the piece closely. This is especially important for engagement rings. You can see, touch, learn and even look under a microscope at the ring she’ll wear forever, a ring you can see sparkle across the room. This gives you so much information than the two-dimensional views you can get when shopping online, even if they do have a zoom feature.


If you’re just looking at a piece of jewelry online, how can you determine the quality? You cannot handle the jewelry or examine it closely to determine the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones or the workmanship of each piece. They might list specs on the website, but you’ll just see a sample of the piece you’ll be getting. You won’t really see the color and cut of the exact gemstone you will be buying until it arrives. When you buy from your local, independent jeweler, you have the advantage of understanding the true quality of each piece of jewelry.


When buying jewelry online, you face the ‘How to tell a good vendor from a bad one?’ dilemma. Although there are legitimate vendors online, the Internet is littered with examples of jewelry buying scams. For example, visit Diamond Helpers’s website and you’ll find story after story about scams that some online jewelry outlets have used to mislead and overcharge customers. One popular scam featured on the website discusses how online jewelers offer one stone but delivers another. While the online seller shows pictures of an actual diamond engagement ring or jewelry with another stone, you receive something entirely different.

It is also not uncommon for consumers to take a piece of jewelry purchased online to an appraiser and discover that the jewelry is worth less than the amount paid. Do you want the headache of trying to recoup your loss from buying online? Probably not, which is why sticking to local, independent jewelers is your best bet.

Custom Designs

Suppose you want a custom-designed engagement ring. You have a fabulous idea for a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion jewelry to wear to a special event. How do you go about turning it into a reality?

When you buy from a local, independent jeweler, your idea is limited only by your imagination. Your local, independent jeweler takes your idea and creates a magnificent piece of custom designed jewelry. When you shop online, there is no way for you to consult with the jeweler in person and know whether the jeweler truly understands your custom design idea. This could result in you getting a piece that is perhaps close to what you imagined, but not quite there. source:

If you are searching for Troy, Michigan Engagement Ring Store, please call International Diamond Importers at (248) 652-6040 or browse our large selection engagement rings in-store.


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